N-Tense, Graviola Max, Amazon A-F, Amazon Myco, Amazon Vitality, etc. were premium nutritional supplements formulated and manufactured by Raintree Nutrition Inc.

For who does not know Raintree Nutrition, this company was one of the highest quality manifacturer of rainforest supplements in the world. Some renowned and effective fomulas such as Graviola Max and N-Tense, Myco, Amazon Vitality, etc. have been formulated by Leslie Taylor, president of Raintree Nutrition and author of The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs book.

Since many customers - mislead by what they find on the net - are confused about this, we'd like to clear this point once more: Raintree Nutrition Inc. closed on 21/12/2012 and hasn't produced anything since.

All the new products you can currently find on the market are either remainings or produced by other companies that are not  Raintree Nutrition Inc.

As for Nutraval.com, we now are able to offer many of Rainforest formulas and herbs you used to buy from Naturvitae (in Europe) or Raintree Nutrition (in the U.S.) as well.

All the formulas you find on Nutraval.com are produced by a new manufacturer (i.e. Rainforest Pharmacy) that although doesn't label its products as Raintree's nor advertise them as such, it's the one that's most committed to producing again the very same formulas at the very same standards.

Thus, if you're wondering about about quality and safety, we can assure you that the standards of the new products are the very same as Raintree Nutrition's ones. It's been Ms. Leslie Taylor herself to advise us about this manufactuer.

You may question about the format of the new bottles saying they're actually different from Raintree's. That's true, but for a very good reason.

If you used to take N-Tense, Graviola Max or any other Raintree's fomula (such as Amazon Myco, Amazon A-F, etc.) , you are sure aware that the capsules were quite big and not that easy to swallow. So, the new manufacturer has decided to use smaller and easily to swallow capsules.

It's true that each capsule – being smaller - contains less formula, yet each bottle contains more capsules: eventually, you'll receive the very same quantity of formula as Raintree's, just in a easier to swallow fomat.

For exemple, the original N-Tense bottle had 120 capsules/700 mg or 84 grams of formula per bottle. The bottle you will be receiving will have 84.6 grams of formula divided in 180 veggies capsules and each capsules will be 470 mg (no fillers added!).


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