Geopathies tests

Dr. Fassina's Geopathies tests.

Kit of tests to detect geopathies, developed by Dr. A. Fassina (Italian Naturopath doctor). Use in conjunction with Biotester (a.k.a. Biotensor)
Composed of 46 vials: ongoing geopathy, Hartmann knot, Curry knot, underground water, fault, radon, memory of walls, disharmony of home, karma, functional disorder, etc.

NEW: in ADDITION to the original Dr. Fassina tests, the vial to detect GAMMA RADIATION, according to recent studies, the most dangerous geotelluric radiation.


This product has as its goal to stimulate the personal experimentation, is not the result of a scientifically proven technique. It has not the objective to substitute the doctor in the diagnosis or prescription. If you have a serious health problem, please consult your doctor.