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  1. Ashwagandha FS

    Ashwagandha Full Spectrum

    Ayurvedic adaptogen. Helps increase resistance to stress, promote a good sleep quality and provides energy

    60 Tabs. 570mg

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  2. Copaiba OIl

    Copaiba OIl

    Amazon oil to soothe inflammed skin


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  3. D-Ribose


    For Workout, Energy& Recovery

    90 Tabs (1000mg)

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  4. Test geopatie Dr. Fassina

    Geopathies tests

    Dr. Fassina's Geopathies tests. Learn More

  5. Graviola Max Liquid

    Graviola Max Liquid Extract

    LIQUID! A special mix of two species of Graviola: Annona muricata and Annona montana leaves and stems. Provides 108 acetogenins. Same formula as Raintree's   60 ml (2oz.)

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  6. Moringa


    The Miracle Tree. Superfood. Provides high levels of nutrients for overall wellness

    100 Vegicaps. (500 mg)

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  7. Mutamba Powder

    Mutamba Powder

    Mutamba (Guazuma ulmifolia) bark

    453,59 g (1 lb.) bulk powder.

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  8. Omega 3-6-9

    Omega 3-6-9

    Essential Fatty Acid Complex for Heart and Brain Health

    60 softgel caps.

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  9. Colloidal Silver Cream

    Ultra Colloidal Silver Salve

    Colloidal Silver in Topical Form. For Skin Health

    1 oz. (28,4 g)

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  10. Uncarine Max - Cat's Claw Max

    Uncarine Max - Cat's Claw Max

    Blend of Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) 4% extact and inner bark. 50%+50%. To support and strenghten the immune system

    120 VegiCaps. (500 mg)

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  11. Vassourinha powder

    Vassourinha Powder

    A natural aid for upper respiratory infections and to help relieve pain

    1 Lb. (453,60 g)

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  12. Vitamin A

    Vitamin A

    Supports Eyes, Skin and Bone Health

    100 Tabs. 10000 IU

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  13. Vitamin B-50 Complex

    Vitamin B-50 Complex

    Supports Energy Production

    50 Tabs. (50mg)

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