I cannot find a product / the product I want to purchase is out of stock

Contact us via Contact Form. Registered users can also add the product to their wishlist if not available or enter the product complete description (click on product's name) and click on “Email me when back in stock” button if out of stock.

If and when available, you'll be informed via e-mail.


Can I pick up my order at your store?

Nutraval.com is a e-commerce webiste and not a physical store. Our warehouse/logistic center is not opened to the public. All the orders are usually delivered to the address you'll provide when you order on our website.


Which stores sell your products? I'm a store/practitioner, how can I order your products?

Nutraval.com distributes chiefly to private customers and orders by private customers can be placed on this website. However, we can supply stores/practitioners on request. Stores/practitioners/etc. can contact us using our Contact Form in order to receive information on how to place an order. Please be aware that it's up to practirioners/stores owner to verify the legal status of nutritional supplements in their country.


I live in a country inside the EU. Do I need to pay Customs fess?

No, all the products are already in EU, thus they don't pass through Customs.


Which shipment methods you offer? What about payment methods?

We offer different solutions for shipments and payments. Please check our Sales Terms out for complete information.


Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to any country in European Union. There might be limitation for some selected items due to exclusivity arrangements of some suppliers. These limitations are usually displayed in each product's description.

We can also ship to Extra-European countries. However, if you're an Extra-EU customer, please contact us via Contact Form before placing any order. Please note that we cannot accept returns nor warrant any refund in case of damaged/lost/blocked goods. Please note that we do not ship nutritional supplements, creams and/or perfumes to U.S. .Customers from U.S. should contact their local distributors. For further information, please see our Sales Terms


How can I place an order on this website?

If a product is available, you have to click on “Add to cart” button: the item will be automatically added t your cart.

You can see ordered products and partial order amount by moving the mouse on “My Cart” (upper right corner of the site). If you want to proceed with purchase or modify your cart click on “Checkout” button and you'll be redirected to your cart page. There, you could modify quantity of each item by entering the desired number or clicking on +/- , or you could remove items by clicking on “x” sign right under “Remove”.

From your cart page you can return to purchase other items by clicking on “Continue Shopping” button. If you want to conclude your order, click on “Proceed to checkout” button.


Do I have to be a registered user in order to place an order on this website?

You don't have to be a register user to place orders. However, only registered users have access to all functions of this website (order history, online order status, etc.) and to some special offers.


How can I become a registered user?

You can register either before or during the purchasing procedure.

If you register before, just click on “Log In” in Home Page, then on “Create an Account”

If you register during purchasing procedure, once you enter all the products in your cart click on “Proceed to Checkout” button. On Checkout Method page, select “Register” and then click on “Continue”: Registration Form will open. Once you'll have filled it in, just click on “Continue” to conclude your purchase.


How come there are items in my cart?

Nutraval.com memorize your cart. So, if you added items to your cart in a precedent section without completing pruchasing procedure, those have been memorized in your cart. For registered users, your cart is memorized for several days and you can access to it from any computer or mobile device.

For not registered users, cart is memorized for a brief lapse of time and you can access to it just from the computer/mobile device you've used on first section.


How can I check my order status?

Registered users can check theri order status by logging in My Account page on Nutraval.com.

Guest users can ask information via Contact Form


How can I cancel my order?

If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, you can write us an e-mail. For more information in our Cancellation Policy please see Sales Terms .


Where can I find ingredients and suggested use for each product?

Click on products's name and enter in product complete description. There, click on “Ingredients” and “Suggested Use”


How can I return a product?

Nutraval.com offers a Return Policy. To learn more please see Sales Terms


Do you offer discounts on your website?

Nutraval.com offers five different types of promotion and discounts. All promotions may vary according to customer groups, group of products and during time.

  • Offers on single items: single products are offered at a discounted price. All the products on offer are displayed in “Products on offer” column in our home page. If you wish to check out the complete list of products on offer, please click on “View all” at the column bottom
  • Quantity offers: more you order, less you pay. Some products can be disocunted according to quantity ordered. Usually, this type of promotion is displayed in a product's comolete description, right under the full price.
  • Promo Packs: discount on a group of products if purchased together. Prmo Packs are displayed in each product complete description. Just clik on “Add to cart” button next to the gorup of products you want to order.
  • Coupons: coupons may be offered during determinated periods of the year, to some customers or gorup of customers, for the purchase of a products, etc. usually, discount coupon have a limited validity, can be used one time only and are applied on an order total amount. If you have a coupon, just digit its code in the cart section “Discount Codes”, then clikc on “Apply coupon” button

Please be aware that promotions aren't cumulative and cannot be summed up – except for discount coupons.


Do you provide scientific papers about your products?

Since we sell nutritional supplements and not drugs, we cannot provide nor have scientific papers.


Where can I find the expiry date of a product?

Expiry date can be printed on a bottle's top, buttom, or label. Some products such as creams, oils and certain liquid extracts, do not have an expiry date but only a manufacturing date and in cerain cases months of validity after opening are displayed.


For more information please see How to Order and Sales Terms pages or contact us via Contact Form