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Prices on this website are net, shipping charges excluded.

Prices and offers on this website are reserved for private customers only. Stores and practitioners please contact Customer Service at [email protected]

Nutraval reserves the right to modify prices, offers and loyalty discount at any time. Nutraval disclaims any responsability, pecuniary, legal or otherwise, for such modifications.

Shipping and delivery times displayed in this website are aproximate and cannot be always warrant.



You can choose among:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Advanced Bank Transfer (AVAILABLE FOR EU COUNTRIES ONLY - NOT FOR SWITZERLAND AND OTHER EXTRA-EU COUNTRIES). You will receive the wire details with your order summary email. Your order will be despatched as soon as the transfer will be credited. PLEASE NOTE: Items will be reseved up to 10 days; if we don't receive any payment during this period, items reservation and order will be automatically cancelled.


Shipping and Handling

EU Member States (Note: EU Overseas Countries and Territories/EU Outermost Regions please see our ExtraEU policy)

We dispatch everywhere inside European Union (Please Note: There might be some limitations on shipment of certain products to U.K. and Germany due to some suppliers exclusivity agreements. Possible limitations are usually displayed on single products descriptions).

It usually takes up to 1-3 working days (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays excluded) for an order to be prepared for shipment. Additional days might be required if you choose wire transfer as payment form. Once dispatched from our storehouse, delivery times vary depending on final destination and shipping method you choose. Please see below for approximate delivery time.

Please note: All the products in's catalogue are stocked in Europe, thus if you purchase from an EU member state, your order won't go through Customs.



Shipping Cost


Free delivery for orders over EUR

Approx. Delivery times

(working days)

Italy, Rep. Of San Marino




Australia, New Zeland, Canada, U.S.A.

(only selected items, please ask)




Austria, Belgium, Bulgary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark (Continental), France (Continental), Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands (Continental), Poland, Romania, Slovakia




Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Spain (Continental), United Kingdom (Mainland)




Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Malta, Portugal




Iceland, Liechtestein, Norway












*Please note: Usually delivery is from Monday to Friday (Holidays exlcuded). All the type of shipping are signed for, so you need to be at home to receive the parcel. If you're not, a delivery notice will be left.


Express: DHL or courier

(Please note: Remote Areas Express Shipping is via postal courier only. Please add up to 1-2 working days on delivery times displayed below.)


Shipping Cost (EUR)

Delivery times **

Austria, Belgium, Bulgary, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark (Continental), Estonia, Finland, France (Continental), Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands (Continental), Poland, Portugal (Continental), Romania, Slovakia, Spain (Continental), Sweden, United Kingdom (Mainland)



Iceland, Liechtestein, Norway, Switzerland



Australia, New Zeland, Canada (only selected items, please contact us first)



 **Please note: Usually delivery is from Monday to Friday (Holidays exlcuded) 9AM-6PM. Online track&trace available. All the type of shipping are signed for, so you need to be at home to receive the parcel. If you're not, a delivery notice will be left: you'll have to call DHL to arrange a new delivery. For shipments via Standard Courier to Remote Areas, if you're not at home to pick up the parcel,  you might be asked to  go to the nearest postal office to collect it.


Extra-EU Countries / EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) / EU Outermost Regions (OR)

We can dispatch selected items to extra-EU countries/EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT)/EU outermost Regions (OR). Yet, be aware that we do not refund the shipping charges nor can warrant any refund to the Extra-European Customers whether the products get lost or are blocked by Custom's Sanitary Authorities of their countries. It's up to customers to verify the legal status of nutritional supplements in their country of residence and provide any documentation that might be required by Custom's Sanitary Authorities.

Please CONTACT US before placing an order

Please Note: Due to Customs charges and paperwork, Return Policy isn't available for Extra-EU Countries, OCT and OR (included those European countries that are not in the EU Community). For the same reason, we cannot warrant any refund.

Cancellation Policy

If your order hasn't been dispatched yet, it's possible to cancel it by sending an email to [email protected] . You won't be charged by any cost and any payment with credit card will be cancelled. On the other hand, if your order has been already dispatched or delivered, you'll be refunded according to the Return Policy.

Return Policy

Nutraval offers to all customers a return policy.

If a customer has changed his/her mind regarding the ordered products, he or she can return the unused and still sealed products to Nutraval within 30 days from the date of the order. He or she could ask as a refund a credit for future purchase, a product in substitution, or a complete refund of the returned item (excluded shipping and administrative costs).

For wrong/damaged items please see our policy below.

Please Note: Due to Customs charges and paperwork, Return Policy isn't available for Extra-EU Countries/ EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) / EU Outermost Regions (OR) and for those European countries that are not in the EU Community).

Return Inquiry

In order to return a product, contact us at  [email protected] and provide your name, order number and a brief description of the problem. Our customer service will send you complete instructions on how to return your package.

Please note:

  • returns not authorized by Nutraval's customer service or requested after 30 days from the delivery cannot be accepted
  • only sealed and unopened items will be refunded
  • only the value at the time of purchase of the items returned will be refunded



When eligible for a refund, a customer could ask to be refunded with:

  • a product in substitution
  • a credit for a future purchase
  • wire transfer
  • partial/total refund on credit card* (only for orders paid with credit card).


Please note:

  • only unopened and sealed items will be refunded
  • customers will be refunded only for the returned items value at the time of your purchase
  • refunds/credit for future purchase/product in substitution will be given only after Nutraval will receive the unwanted products back. For product in substitution as refund, please note that we can warrant a reservation on the required item for a maximum of 15 days, after the return inquiry.
  • for partial returns of products that were purchased as packs – i.e. on a purchase of a pack of 3 products, a customer returns 2 out of 3 products - , a customer will be refunded for the order total amount less the full price of the unreturned product – therefore, the unreturned product price will be calculated as a single purchase (not on offer).


Item A: 1 piece = 30,00€ 6 pieces= 120,00€ (20,00€/pcs)

Return of 5 pieces out of 6 ordered Refund: 120,00€ - 30,00€ = 90,00€

*Please note: A complete credit/debit cycle might be required for the refund to be displayed on your credit card statement.

 Damaged/Wrong Goods Claims

If one or more items are damaged/wrong, you can ask for a refund or a replacement of the damaged/wrong item NO LATER THAN 3 WORKING DAYS AFTER THE DELIVERY (all the shipments are "signed for"). Requests for refunds/substitution of damaged/wrong goods received after this period will be subject to verification by and may not be accepted.

If the external box is damaged, please sign for it and write on the delivery note "I AGREE WITH RESERVE", then check later if the content is intact.

Once your claim has been verified, we might ask you to send us the goods back. In this case, you'll be refunded with any shipping cost you may encounter.

Please see our Return Policy above to know all about refunds.


We warrant a privacy policy accouding EU GDPR. For more information, please see Privacy Policy

 Please note: according to European Aviation Security Programme regulation on airmail, we are obliged to report the exact content of the parcel

On products

Products offered on are nutritional supplements considered as such in several European Community countries. They are not medicines and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. It's up to customers to verify the legal status of nutritional supplements in their country of residence. Nutritional supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. Taking any nutritional supplement isn't advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 12 (except when clearly indicated), and/or people receiving medical treatment except on the advice of their therapist. Images of the products are intended as a guide: the actual product might differ from the images. Information, images, statements and products on this website are illustrative only, have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The natural properties of the substances contained in the products are only referred to their common uses among folk and herbal traditions. It's not meant to give any suggestion of diagnosis or disease treatment. Please see a doctor when needed.

Please see FAQs page for more information on your rights, this website, and how to place an order.