Cipò Cabeludo

Amazon herb to nutritionally support urinary tract and prostate function. To be prepared as a tea

3,5 oz. (100mg)

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Cipó cabeludo (Mikania hirsutissima)


As nutritional supplement. It's best prepared as infusion, using one teaspoon of powder for each cup of water. Pour boiling water over herb in cup and allow to steep 10 minutes. Strain tea and drink warm. It is traditionally taken in 1/2 cup amounts, twice daily.


Precautions: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This herb contains natural occurring coumadin; therefore, do not take this supplement if you're taking blood thinning drugs unless under you doctor advice. This product is a nutritional supplement and it's not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out from children's reach. Store in a cool and dry place away from the light. If you're pregnant, breastfeeding or have a health problem, you should consult a health professional before taking any nutritional supplement.