CD - Waters of Love

CD: Waters of Love. The Healing Sound of Holy Waters

Music for the Soul

Author: Gianfranco Grisi


Waters of love
The Healing Sound of Holy Waters
Lourdes, Medjugorie, Fatima, Gange, etc
Music by Gianfranco Grisi
Cristallarmonium played by Gianfranco Grisi
Produced by: Naturvitae AG LLC



1. Purification and Renewal (Lourdes, FR)
2. Relax (Caravaggio, IT)
3. Think Positive (Santa Maria alla Fontana, IT)
4. Spiritual Improvement (Medjugorje, BIH)
5. Love and Spiritual Nutrition (Montichiari, IT)
6. Faith and Innocence (Fatima, PT)
7. Sweet Life and Dreams (San Damiano, IT)
8. Joy and Pleasure (Ganga, IN)
9. Medjugorje Reprise
10. Ganga Reprise

About the 70% of the human body is made of water. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has demonstrated that water modifies its molecular structure when exposed to music, written or spoken words, or thoughts. When exposed to different stimula, the water of our body can modify itself as well.

Georges Lakhovsky, one of the most reliable researchers of XX Century, claimed that illness is due to an oscillatory imbalance of each cell and balance can be restored by giving the cell its natural energetic vibration. If our body is exposed to positive vibrations and energies, our lives could be improved.

The main instrument used to create this music is crystal-harmonium. It's a rare instrument played by rubbing fingers on the rim of a set of crystal glasses filled with water at different levels according to the tonality one wants to achieve. The melody produced is absolutley unique and enchanting. Each track of this CD has been composed and played by using a different kind of water belonging to some pilgrimage places.

All the pilgrimage places – such as Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugoje, etc. – have as a common element the presence of water with its own frequency and energy. Each holy water has an higher vital energy than common water.

This way the crystal-harmonium musical frequencies have been enriched by the frequencies and vital energy of the holy waters. So that our body could get the frequencies and energy needed by resonance. Through this composition, any imbalanced cell of our body could regain its obscillatory and energetic balance.

The artist: “Anytime I play crystal-harmonium I feel like magic is produced. Maybe, that's because it's the only instrument that plays with all the natural elements: water – contained in the glasses-, earth – the silica the glasses are made with derived from the sand-, fire – used to forge the crystal -, wood – the base where the glasses are anchored on-, and air.”.


1.Purification and Renewal. Water from Lourdes, France
Water of purification, change, and renewal – inner and physic. It gives faith, authenticity. It opens by renewal to the Self and the trascendent. Useful for skin, nervous system, external organs, allergies, and wounds. It balances 1st (Muladhara) and 4th (Anahata) chakras.

2. Relax. Water form the Caravaggio Sanctuary, Italy
It suits people overloaded with work or practical activities. For those who are hyperactive and needs to relax and cut work or everyday activities down. It purifies environments. Usueful for bone, muscular, and structural discomforts. It balances the 6th chakra (or third eye, Ajna).

3. Think positive. Water from Santa Maria alla Fontana Church, Italy
This water has a masculine and energetic tone. It activates mental sphere, reorganizes and reactivates the spirit. It's suitable for hyperactive, and emotionally and mentally strict individuals. It works on emotional blocks due to general dissatisfaction for oneself everyday life. It acts upon neurulogic and neurovegetative systems by assisting the stimula transmission between central nervous system and muscles, skin, and inner organs. It stimulates bones functionality, muscle tone, and joint releasing. It's useful for arthritis and arthrosis. It balances the 5th chakra (throat, Vishuddha).

4. Spiritual Improvement. Water from Medjugorje, Croatia
It brings to spiritual beauty and grace, and to physic and spiritual balance. Suitable for those who are hyperemotional. It affects everything concerning spirituality by helping one to raise above his or her physical and terrestrial level. This is a water for spiritual and physical improvement, and can be helpful for ambulatory system and balance. It also supports heart and cardiovascular system, bones, and muscles. It balances 5th secondary and 6th (or third eye, Ajna) chakras.

5. Love and Spiritual Nutrition. Water from Montichiari, Italy
Also known as Water of Love and Nutrition. It stimulates one to open him or herself spiritually and energetically to love and helps one to let the love flow. Love is strictly connected with acceptance and self-acceptance, i.e. self-love. It regulates gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory, sub-cortical, and endocrin systems. It balances 2nd (Swadhisthana) amd 2nd secondary chakras.

6.Faith and innocence. Water from Fatima, Portugal
It gives you receptive abilities, innocence, faith, and a better understanding of life situations. Against sadness due to dissatisfaction and self-pity. It helps you to get more understanding, go beyond the matter, and move closer to spiritual world. It influences chiefly the immune system. It balances 3rd (solar plex, Manipura) and 6th (or third eye, Ajna) chakras.

7. Sweet Life and Dreams. Water form San Damiano, Italy
Calming and reassuring, this water helps to go to sleep, moves anxiety and nervousness away, and brings one to see life through rose-tinted glasses. It helps people to get over their pessimism and find new reasons to live. It can be useful for nervous states, and especially when one finds difficult to manage molteplicity and diversification. It balances 1st (Muladhara ) and 4th (Anahata) chakras.

8. Joy and Pleasure. Water from Ganga, India. Dedicated To Sathya Sai Baba
It removes sense of guilt, brings one to be more spontaneous, to show his or her true personality, and to drop off his or her masks. It can be useful for panic attacks and paralyzing fears. It induces a sense of joy and has a general anti-depressive action. It increases the sense of pleasure and is helpful against karmic blocks. It has anti-bacteric, antiseptic, and antiviral actions. It balances the 4th (Anahata ) chakra.

9. Medjugorie Reprise.
Reprise from track 4 "Spiritual Improvement"

10. Ganga Reprise.
Reprise from track 8 "Joy and Pleasure"