How would you like if you could:

  • Measure your vitality, as well as the vitality of foods, natural remedies, water, other people, animals, minerals, houses, etc.
  • Find out the best remedy for your (others') health. You could choose the best natural remedy (or...drug) among several others, such as herbs, minerals, etc. Plus, you could verify it before any purchase by simply looking a catalogue up!!
  • Find out whether you or whoever else are allergic to a certain food, and/or discover right away whether the food you're going to buy is compatible with your (or anyone else's) body.
  • Check a diagnosis or make an hypothesis on any ailment with an unknown origin
  • Find out the best position for your bed...Is it in the right location?
  • Seek out lost people, animals, or objects.
  • ...and so much more.

We're so far from knowing all the Nature's agents and their several ways of action, that it'd be actually not philosophic to deny the existence of certain phenomena just because they're inexplicable at the present state of our knowledge”. Laplace

The man or the woman, limited and sense-dependent as he or she is, is the most perfect phisic device existingGoethe

It's been reported:
Dears, I wanna thank you, 'cos using your method I found out the reason why I've felt sick lately. I do eat a lot of vegetables. Lately, I've been experiencing gastrointestinal problems for several days. Before going to my family doctor – who whould have given me some drugs -, I verified my compatibility with the food I've used to eat using your suggested method and Biotester. Surprisingly, it came out a strong intolerance to almost all green leaf vegetables stocked in my fridge. Unwillingly, I eliminated those vegetables from my diet. Surprise, surprise. The day after, all the problems were gone already. I kept testing every day waiting to get Biotester's permission to eat those vegetables again. After 10 days I finally got it. Right now, I do eat green leaf vegetables without any complain. The Biotester's amazing. It does work! Of course, I could have undergone a food intolarance test – quite expensive, actually - and repeated it who knows how many times before being allowed to go back to my usual diet. Wheras, I can use Biotester anytime and anywhere I want and check any food intolerance I might have. Since then, I take Biotester with me even to the restaurant. I put under examintaion my friends too.” Daniel D.

“...after having unsuccesfully tried for months several natural remedies against an annoying urinary tract infection, I followed your method and thanks to Biotester I did find out from Naturvitae's catalogue the product most compatible with my body. After one month under that product, I'm feeling much better...” Grace, Italy

What's the Biotester?
First of all, it has nothing to share with magic, spiritism, or occult sciences.
It's the dowsing tool set up by Dr. Oberbach as the modern substitute of the pendolum. Biotester was conceived to increase pendolum's sensibility and precision making its answers easier to understand at the same time.
It's made by a metal handle an harmonic steel thread with a brass ring on the top is linked to.

How does it work?
It can swing in a straight line; horizontally or vertically; in a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation; or elliptically. Each kind of movement stands for an answer to your research: yes, no, much, a little, positive, negative, neutral, compatible, incompatible, etc.

What's radiesthesia?
As already mentioned regarding the Biotester (i.e. the dowsig tool), radiesthesia (aka dowsing) has nothing to do with spiritism, magic, supernatural, or any occult science.
Obviously, it's quite hard to describe dowsing in just a couple of lines. A huge number of essays has been written on this Art (or method?, technic?, however you'd like to call it). It's well known that has been used since ancient times and there may be some “scientific” reasons for its mechanisms of action. Of course, some scientists report cases of unsuccessful dowsing tests performed in front of cameras and/or a big audience. But that's exactly the point. In order to operate correctly, a dowser needs to be free from external influences (such as those created by a lot of people), 'cos they do hinder and interfer with the possibility to get in resonance with the examined object.

The word “radiesthesia” comes from the latins radius-, referring to radiation, and -aistesis, that means perception or sensibility. Thus, radiesthesia is sensibility toward radiations, which quite are energy the dowser gets tuned on. More precisely, the dowser does resonate with frequencies sent out by any object, person, or substance.

Everything in the Universe does have a kind of energy. Everything does vibrate with its own frequency sending out a radiation that can be kept by the let us say human “seventh sense”.

Virtually, anybody can resonate with his or her examinated object's frequencies. The Biotester works as an highlighter or an aerial broadening that perception. The perception is spread on through operator's body and arm inducing some hand muscles' micromovements, which are highlighted by the Biotesterr's rotations or vibrations.

Georges Lakhovsky, one of the most reliable and brilliant researches of the last century, defined it as “the Art of picking up radiations through the human body's reactions they provoke”. He explained dowsing's reliability by linking it to his theories of the cellular oscillation, thought-vibration, universion, resonance, etc.

Lakhovsky wondered: “Why does the Biotester/rod/pendolum swing as soon as the dowser comes close to an undergroung water-bearing stratum?”.
He gave a simple but detailed explanation: “We do know that when two different metals are torn apart, eletricity is settled between them. This happens when a  thin leyer of zinc is torn apart from a copper one by a sheet of soaked blotting paper, as well as these two layers are put into a glass of water. Well, it's right what water-bearing stratum acts for. The layers of the two minerals are equivalent to two different grounds in the earth crust, such as clay and limestone. When a dowser walks around with the Biotester in his or her hand, it may happen that the tool starts swinging all of a sudden. Why is that? Everytime dowser is on a big bounch of some mineral, such as iron, all iron atoms of his body vibrates resounancing with the iron underneath his feet. The resounance's hit acts on cellular oscillation of the body producing an electric action on it. That action shows itself through unconscious mechanic reflexes of the body's muscles. Those movememnts are so small to be invisible, but thanks to dowsing tool's swinging they are amplified and, therefore, visible.”.

What's resonance?
Lakhovsky defines it on and on in his essays as the Cause of the whole Universe. He describes it giving the exemple of a man who entered a room filled with different types of pianos and played a note, let's say the A. Surprisingly, he heard the same note echoed by all the pianos in the room. All but the A strings vibrated under the influence of the first piano's string.
Resonance is a chief concept, since it always occurs in a dowser's practice.
It also gives an explanation of the practice of remote sensing.

Lakhovsky also says: “Every living being sends out radiations, and most of the living beings can get and detect the waves...”. Moreover, “As well as life is created from radiations (frequencies, ndlr) and maintained by radiation, life can be destroyed by a oscillatory and vibratory imbalance”. He also defines illness as “The cell's oscillatory imbalance due to external causes. More properly, it's the fight of microbic radiation against cellular radiation. Whenever  microbic radiation wins, it will lead to illness and as soon as vital resistance ends to death. Whenever cellular radiations wins, the body will be healthy again”.

According to Lakhovsky, illness is due to cells' oscillatory imbalance which is caused by external agents. So, by giving the right oscillatory frequency, cells should resonate and get their proper healthy oscillation again.

This is why Naturvitae's products are processed in a proprietary way to give the larger quantity of vital energy and  the wider range of frequencies the body might need through resonace.

Who can use radiesthesia?
Almost anybody. Yet, it's important attending to a training plan to gain confidence with your dowsing abilities before trying any analysis. Moreover, exercise is meant to program your body to translate the sensation you get by resonance in a certain tool movement.

Once prepared, your body could lead to a certain type of Biotester's oscillation. The type of oscillation is equal to an answer. For instance, a clockwise rotation means positive, yes, good, etc.
It's the body who catches different radiations and frquencies, not the tool.

So again: exercise, exercise, and exercise! Do not rely upon answers obtained without any previous training. You'll see that as time goes by you'll get more precise, reliable, and quicker answers.

What can I find out using the Biotester?
Everything you'd like to know but future, lottery's numbers, or a football match's result. Don't trust those who say they can foresee future, etc. in some tv shows.

If you use to take a certain supplement of minerals or whichever else, it might happen that your body doesn't need it or bear it in certain periods. Using the Biotester, you could find out either when you should discontinue it and when you could take it again.

Do you have to choose between two or more natural remedies? You can test the compatibility, and the Biotester will show you the more suitable one to your body.

Do you wonder whether you're affected by a certain disorder? Just test a possible remedy for that disorder: if the Biotester doesn't “say” that you need it, perhaps your concern might be ungrounded.

You're going to be able to measure the vitality of any natural remedy. Find out the difference between  any other on the market natural remedy and Naturvitae's products right now. You'll see a huge difference between them.

You could measure a person's vitality as well. Often, a person's vitality decreases when he or she is sick. Thanks to Biotester you'll be able to test your or someone else's health and catch any possible worsening on time.

How is Biotester made?

Biotester-Pro. The quality of a professional Biotensor in your pocket.

  • Featuring two interchangeable heads: a small one for all kind of reasearches, a bigger one to check the possible presence of negativity and to value its intensity;
  • Metallic handle. More weight of the handle means better control of the tool. With an handle made of light materials (such as wood, plastic, or alluminium), you could run the risk to unintentionally transfer your hand movements to the tool compromising your research's results;
  • NOT GOLDENED in order to avoid the use of polluting synthetic solutions during galvanic working process.

Together with the Biotester, you'll receive the followings:

  • The basic dowsing course to start in the best way.Once you'll have done many times each one of the suggested exercises, you could adventure yourself in the wonderful dowsing world.
  • Five small plastic bags with witness cards included to make remote researches on friends, relatives, animals, etc.
  • The Bovis Biometer to measure the energy of a food, a nutritional supplement, a person, an animal, a substance, etc. The Bovis Biometer has been modified and made it suitable even to left-handed people and to meausre higher energies
  • The Scale of Resonance's Frequencies to verify any remedy's frequency

Closed: 21 cm                                                             Open: 37 cm

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