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  1. Acai Extract


    Superantioxidant for cardiovascular, immune, skin and eyes health

    60 VegiCaps. 500mg

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    Special Price: €19.90

    As low as: €14.90

  2. Camu-Camu


    Super-antioxidant! Provides 30 times more Vitamin C than Orange!

    100 Caps. (500mg)

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  3. Elan Vital Multiple

    Elan Vital Multiple

    Unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals


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  4. Ester-C with Bioflavomoids


    Vitamin C with metabolites and bioflavonoids. Gentle to your stomach

    90 Tabs.

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  5. Ginkgo-24 (60 mg)

    Ginkgo-24 (60 mg)

    Ginkgo Biloba Extract. Supports Mental Acuity and Healthy Circulation

    60 Tabs. (60mg)

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  6. Grape Seed Extract

    Grape Seed Extract (Proanthodyn)

    Antixoidant protection for brain and heart cells

    60 Tabs. (100mg) Exp: 9/17

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    Regular Price: €19.90

    Special Price: €15.90

  7. Green Coffee Extract

    Green Coffee Extract

    Natural Antioxidant and Energetic

    30 Tabs. (500mg) EXP: 8/17

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  8. Green Tea Extract

    Green Tea Extract

    Super Antioxidant

    60 Tabs. (500mg)

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    Krill Oil

    Provides high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids and antioxidants such as astaxanthin.

    60 Caps. - 500 mg

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  10. Moringa


    The Miracle Tree. Superfood. Provides high levels of nutrients for overall wellness

    100 Vegicaps. (500 mg)

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    Special Price: €22.95

  11. Night Quencing Cream

    Night Quencing Cream

    Night Cream with Astaxanthin, NDGA and Jojoba. Neutralizes free radicals before they can damage your skin. 2oz. (approx. 56,7g) Learn More

  12. Pine Bark 60 Tabs

    Pine Bark 60 Tabs

    One of the most potent antioxidants. It contains proanthocyanidins for cardoiovascular, immune and capillary health

    60 Tabs. (150mg.)

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  13. Selenium


    Powerful antioxidant mineral

    100 Tabs. (100mcg)

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  14. Organic Spirulina

    Spirulina-Organic Spirulina

    From the ancient Aztecs an excellent super-food rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.

    100 Tabs. (500mg.)

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