Boswellia Extract

Boswellia serratta extract yielding 262mg of Boswellic Acids. Nutritional Support for Joint Mobility

50 Tabs.

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Boswellia Extract is concentrated from the specially processed resins and gums of the Boswellia serratta tree. The benefits of boswellia are due to the presence of four triterpene acids, especially boswellic acid, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties with no side effects such as ulcers and gatsritis. Several studies showed that Boswellia could help easing inflammations, reducing swelling joints and morning stiffness, increasing joint mobility. It can also be taken together with Ashwagandha and Meriva Turmeric.

Each tablet contains 375mg Boswellia serratta Resin Extract Yielding 262 mg of Boswellic Acids ; Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, magnesium stearate, and colloidal silicon dioxide.

Suitable for vegetarians.

As nutritional supplement, take 1 tablet three times daily with a meal. Suitable for vegetarians.

Precautions: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. This product is a nutritional supplement and it's not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out from children's reach. Store in a cool and dry place away from the light. If you're pregnant, breastfeeding or have a health problem, you should consult a health professional before taking any nutritional supplement.