Nutritional Supplements: For How Long Should I Take Them?
Published at 11 Jul 2017

Many people think of herbs like drugs, and assume that small amounts will do some good. In most cases, that's not true.

Herbal supplments do not work like prescripition drugs, and are not a quick-fix.


Most prescription drugs work by addressing and relieving symptoms and/or acute conditions. So that they have a more powerful short term effect than an herbal supplement.

Herbals might need many weeks or months to develop their full potential and support the body long enough to help it recovering.

Herbology as well as homeopathy and other holistic practices aims to go to the underlying cause of the symptoms. Therefore, it can take long before seeing any result from using herbs.

How much and for how long you shuold take an herb depends by many factors.

Firts of all, it depends by what you take the herb for and the severity of the problem.
While a chamomile tea can help you relaxing and sleeping the very same night, a liver tonic, such as carqueja, needs a lot longer to strengthen, balance and tonic the liver functions.

Moreover, two people who take the very same herbal supplement for the same problem might have two different reactions to the herbal. One may notice a change in his or her condition as soon as after three or four days on the supplement, wheras the over may need to take it for weeks before seeing any change in his or her condition.
The actual action and efficacy of an herbal supplement may vary from individual to individual according to age, lifestyle, severity of the problem, and other factors that can be hardly pinpointed.

Eventually, it depends by supplement's quality too. The more is pure (i.e. It has a higher concentration of pure herbs/natural principles withot additives or fillers) and the higher is th quality, the more powerful it will be.

Please be aware that this doesn't mean that if you take more capsules/drops than those suggested, you'll have a faster action. Herbal supplements have to be taken according to the suggested dosage reported on the box/bottle. Moreover, it's advisable starting  with a low dosage in order to check any potential allergy or sensibility to it. Afterwards, you can gradually increase dosage up to the suggested one.