Graviola, Graviola Max, N-Tense, N-Tense2: What's The Difference?
Published at 14 Feb 2014

Graviola, Graviola Max, N-Tense, N-Tense 2 are renowned formulas containing rainforest herbs, created and manufactured by Raintree Nutrition Inc.. After the closure of that pioneering company on the market of rainforets supplemenrs, they are produced by another manufacturer (Rainforest Pharmacy) which follows the very same high quality standards as Raintree's.

However, the story of Raintree Nutrition, graviola discovery, and these formulas potential are all  well-known by the most. Yet, there seems to be still a lot of confusion about the difference between these proprietary rainforest supplements.


Let's then see in the detail the main differences.

Graviola (Annona muricata)

It is one of the most famous Amazon herbs in the world. It's renowned for its content in acetogenins.  Thus far, 82 acetogenins have been isolated in this botanical leaves and stems

Graviola Max

It's an herbal blend of two species of Graviola, i.e. Annona muricata and Annona montana. Graviola and Graviola Max differ for their acetogenins counts: Graviola Max contains 108 acetogenins, that is 26 more than Annona muricata alone. This means that it's more powerful than Graviola (Please note: it's now also available Triple Graviola, which is a brand new blend of three graviola species, yielding 111 acetogenins and available as liquid extract).


It contains 50% of Graviola (Annona muricata) blended with other rainforest botanicals which have a synergistic immune supporting effect, including guacatonga, mutamba, bitter melon, mullaca, vassourinha, cat's calw, and Espinheria Santa. It provides 100 different active chemicals which have 22 mechanisms of action. Althought Graviola is the most renowned, people have been reported N-Tense to have the very same properties with less secondary effects, even if small. This herbal blend is suitable, for exemple, for the tiny precentage of users that experience nausea or diarrhea using Graviola/Graviola Max. This formula has also been reported to be helpful in supporting prostate health.
However, be aware that some herbs contained in N-Tense contains natural occurring phytoestrogens, thus this supplement is not suggested to women of estrogen-related problems.

There's no many other differences when it comes down to the usage between these three.  It's worth to remind once more that it's better if you don't take them together with supplements that increase cellular ATP (such as Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium, Vitamin C, many B Vitamins), because they might counteract one of graviola mechanisms of action.

Having a similar mechanism of action, N-Tense can also be combined with Graviola/Graviola Max (or Triple Graviola).

N-Tense 2

The main difference from the other three supplements is that N-Tense 2 does not contain graviola. During their years of experience, people at Raintree Nutrition realized that graviola failed when it came to support lymphatic system. So, they created a formula similar with N-Tense, less graviola, plus some herbs renowned for their immune stimulating properties. N-Tense 2 contains mullaca, anamu, vassourinha, simarouba, picão preto, suma, cat's claw, and espinheira santa.