Cognitive Decline Prevention: The Role of Omega-3s and B Vitamins
Published at 11 Mar 2016

An article featured in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reports a study perfomed by a research team from the Universities of Cape Town, Oslo, Oxford and the UAE, showing that high leveles of omega-3 fatty acids may boost the B vitamins effect in preventing cognitive decline.


It's well established that taking supplements of B vitamins can help slowing down mental decline in people with memory problems and most effectively in individuals with higher levels of homocysteine in their blood than the average.

The research team initially discovered a link between Omega-3 levels, homocysteine, and brain atrophy rates. Thus, they proceeded with a study in order to find out whether Omega-3s and B vitamins might work together to prevent cognitive decline.

The tests showed that B vitamins supplementation in people with low Omega-3 levels had little to none benefit, while in those with high Omega-3 levels B vitamins resulted to be very effective in cognitive decline prevention.

Scientists also found that DHA levels might play a more important role than EPA's ones. Yet, more research is needed to confirm so.

However, this study confirms once more the link between nutrition and brain health.