CMO: a revolutionary nutritional supplement for arthritis, osteoarthrosis and autoimmune sufferers
Published at 24 Jan 2014

The story of CMO isn't different from the one of many other amazing natural substances.
It was discovered by a U.S. researcher of NIH (National Institute of Health) back in the 1970s. He found out in some laboratory rats a substance –  called cetylmyristoleate -  that made them immune to get arthritis and could cure afflicted animals. But nor NIH or pharmaceutical companies he offered his discovery to seemed to be interested in doing more research. chiefly beause being of natural origin it couldn't patented it.


However, when his own arthritis became unberable, he decided to become the first human patient to try cetylmyristoleate: he prepared by his own a dose and injected it. According to a later report, his improvement was amazing. In his report, he said that afterwards many other patients undergone the injection with similar results.

Yet, the substance kept being unknown for the most for several years until the president of San Diego Clinic Immunological Centre, Dr. Len Sands, found out about the report and realized the potential of the substance. He took the risk and tried to improve the original product in order to face the problem of low bioavailability and to create a new substance that could be swollowed instead of injected. The final result was cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate, a highly bioavailable substance  that could be taken orally without causing any digestive disorders as the original substance did when talen by mouth.

Dr. Sands then decided to let this amazing substance known by the most, so he wrote a divulgative book, Arthritis Beaten Today, where he explains in a very simple manner what CMO is, what are its benefits and talk about his clinical experience about this substance.
But what is exactly CMO?

CMO (cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate) is a unique combination of fatty acids refined from USDA beef tallow.

According to Dr. Sands, this substance might be considered as an adaptagenic immunomodulator.

Common supplements for the immune system either suppress or stimulate it. Whereas, CMO helps correcting the autoimmune programs within the memory T-cells: in other words, it balances the immune response and brings it back to normal.

Natural immunomodulator that goes at the source of the symptoms

The main difference from CMO and other supplements for arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other autoimmmune diseases is that it targets the cause of autoimmune processes and not the symptoms.

According to dr. Sands, CMO doesn't act as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, nor is a source of nutrients for joints.

CMO is a natural immunomodulator, that means it goes at the source of autoimmune processes (i.e. an overactive response by T-cells which attack the body tissues), helps the immune system to regain its normal balance by regulating T-cells response, thus lets the body healing itself naturally.

CMO is a universal immunomodulator

At the beginning, dr. Sands used to give CMO to his patients with arthritis and osteoarthritis. However, during its years of practice he found out that CMO was actually helpful for other ailments that could be labelled as  “autoimmune disorders”. Dr. Sands reported that people suffering from fibromyalgia, Crohn's , scleroderma, psoriasis, lupus eythematosus, akyloing spondilitis and others  found benefits from CMO supplementation.

Obviously, CMO is not a cure-all, but it helps dealing with the autoimmune component of many disorders.

Totally safe

The CMO genuine is totally secure. After more than 15 years of use in Europe, there has been no case of adverse reactions.
Interactions with other supplements or with drugs haven't been reported thus far.

It's safe for the immune system. CMO resets only the “bad” T-cells that are attacking the body tissues and create damage; thus, normal body defenses against disease-causing agents are preserved.

It's safe for cardiovascular system. Fatty acids contained in CMO do not affect cholesterol because they're refined to be delivered directly to the body areas that have an overactive immune function; thus, it's not delivered to artheries.

Thanks to this refining process (aka cerasomal technology, which uses high temperatures and pressures) it's totally free from impurities, hormones and there's no risk about the Mad Cow disease.

CMO for arthritis and osteoarthritis. The ideal nutritional program

Before starting with CMO, it's advisable to follow a detoxification program with herbs (like milk thislte) or natural products, in order to prepare the body and facilitate CMO's action. Detoxificants have to be taken 15-30 days before CMO and not together with it, otherwise they flush it away.

After this, your could start with CMO. Most people may need two to three courses before seeing an improvement. You can either take courses one after the other or pause one week between two courses. However, for severe or resistant conditions, it's advisable to take one course after the other until you reach the maximum benefits possible.

You won't need it forever

The amazing thing about CMO is that once you've reached the maximum improvement possible, you may not need to take it anymore.

Most people take an avarage of two courses of CMO and then they don't need it anymore.

CMO is not just a human supplement. Pets can benefit from it too

CMO can be used for pets (dogs, cats) and horses as well. Actually, CMO works better and faster in animals than humans. The reason why is simple: animals don't smoke, drink alcohol or coffee, and have  diet low in sugar and salt.

Before taking a CMO supplement read the ingredient list

You can find several products containing CMO on the market. Yet, be aware that “CMO” stands for cerasomal-cis9-cetylmyristoleate. This substance is produced by very few laboratories in the U.S.  and from animal source.

Authentic CMO is not produced by vegetable sources nor can be synthetized in labs.

So check out carefully the label of your supplement. If ingredients list reports just cetylmyristoleate (without the cerasomal-cis9-), cetylmyristate, etc., then those supplements do not contain authentic CMO and might not have an immunomodulator effect.

WARNING IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN EUROPE. As reporting of some customers, we do not recommend buying the CMO outside the European Union, because there is a risk that the product is blocked in customs (as often happens with many natural remedies) and returned to the sender, with consequent economic loss against the purchaser. We ship within UE.

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