A tool every family needs. Measure vitality of humans, foods, pets, ecc. Check the compatibility with remedies, and much more

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Using Biotester, you can:

  • Measure your vitality, as well as the vitality of foods, natural remedies, water, other people, animals, minerals, houses, etc.
  • Find out the best remedy for your (others') health. You could choose the best natural remedy (or...drug) among several others, such as herbs, minerals, etc. Plus, you could verify it before any purchase by simply looking a catalogue up!!
  • Find whether you (or somebody else) need a specific remedy. For example try to test with a bottle or a capsule of GRAVIOLA, if Biotester says "Not compatible", this is a good news........
  • Find out whether you or whoever else are allergic to a certain food, and/or discover right away whether the food you're going to buy is compatible with your (or anyone else's) body.
  • Verify a diagnosis or make an hypothesis on any ailment with an unknown origin
  • Find out the best position for your bed...Is it in the right location?
  • ...and so much more.

Biotester Pro is a step ahead over the Biotensor®, aka Biorilevator, or simply Biotester.  A professional tool that you bring with you everywhere.

Professional Biotester feat two Interchangeable Head in a Pocket-Size Case

Biotester-Pro. The quality of a professional Biotester in your pocket.

  • Featuring two interchangeable heads: a small one for all kind of reasearches, a bigger one to check the possible presence of negativity and to value its intensity;
  • Metallic handle. More weight of the handle means better control of the tool. With an handle made of light materials (such as wood, plastic, or alluminium), you could run the risk to unintentionally transfer your hand movements to the tool compromising your research's results;
  • NOT GOLDENED in order to avoid the use of polluting synthetic solutions during galvanic working process.

In the packing you'll find:

  • A Biotester-Pro featuring two interchangeable heads. Metallic case also included (cm. 17 x 5 x 2)
  • The basic dowsing course to start in the best way.
  • Five small plastic bags with included witness cards for remote testing on friends, relatives, animals, etc.
  • The Bovis Biometer to measure the energy of a food, a nutritional supplement, a person, an animal, a substance, etc. The Bovis Biometer has been modified and made it suitable even to left-handed people and to meausre higher energies